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Communication with the spiritual realms has been a part of my life since I can remember.  It has taken me the greater part of my adult life to understand how this spiritual guidance has shown up to not only work for me in my life but also how that guidance can benefit others.  However, it has been over the course of my entire life that I have learned how to hear and speak with my many spiritual guides and shamanic animal spirit messengers, cultivating how to create healthy boundaries and clear communication. 


Allow me to connect with your guides who communicate to illuminate your path and answer your questions today.


$60 per reading 



Phone Sessions, Parties & Events

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In a safe and sacred space, I work with my clients individually to take a look at the fabric of their life's journey so far and where it is going.  As a Shamanic Intuitive Energy practitioner, I see patterns between all things and illuminate them so that together we can weave the pieces in order to bring healing, empowerment, and transformation.  Sessions can include:

  • Cord Cutting

  • Chakra Balancing

  • Sounds Healing

  • Removal of blocks / Clearing pathways

  • Working with Spirit Animals

  • Light Body Energy Attunements

  • Soul Retrieval

  • Ancestral Healing

  • Angelic attunements

  • Gaia Attunement and grounding

First session with me:  $144 (allow 2 hours)

Each additional session: $80

For best results, 3 sessions recommended


"The most notable physical feature of the Crystals is their eyes– deep, wide, and penetrating– these beings ooze “old soul.” It is their wisdom that is most startling, for it feels as if they can, at times, see right through you, beaming back loving compassion and understanding. Their eyes exude waves of divine light. Sometimes intense, not everyone can rest easy in their gaze, for their power is commanding. To be sure, being in their presence can be unnerving to those who walk out of sincerity...# GAIA

It is my passion to work with all rainbow children of light.

As I experience it, Neurodiversity is the building pathway to our new humanity.  Children on the spectrum are here to teach us so much about ourselves.  If you have a child ages 0-5, who is neurodiverse, has learning delays, language delays, behavior challenges, sensitivity challenges, intuitive insights, and sleeping issues, let's connect and see if we can find some solutions. 

$111 for my first consultation

$55 for each additional session

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