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Intuitive Readings

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Connect with your Divine Angelic team and Spirit Guides who are here to support you through life's challenges. Take a pause and allow your Angels and Guides to deliver messages that answer questions you may have, related to self, relationships, career, life path, or anything else weighing on your mind and in your heart.

Dana uses a blend of oracle cards, crystal stones for divination, and automatic writing to connect with your Angels and guides.  Although she has been "playing" these gifts since she was a young child, it was only in her early 40s that, while learning with both her Shaman and Reiki Masters did she learn to hone in on who was communicating with her, how those messages were being delivered and how those intuitive gifts are here to serve a purpose, to teach others how to use their own gifts and,  to share information coming through. 

Book a reading today, you are worth it.

Readings can be held in person, via phone or FT/Zoom.

  • 3 cards (past,present,future) - 15 min - $45

  • 3 cards plus open question - 30 mins reading - $65

  • Open reading - 45 mins/60 mins- $80/$120

Dana is available to book for parties and events.

Dana holds intuitive classes monthly

for more information please reach out (406) 802-0202

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