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Spiritual Advisor 
& Holistic Healing

$144 for the first session (approx 2 hours)  - $80 per hour for each additional session


We are divine beings of light and are all here with a unique purpose.   


Together we examine your perspective, thoughts, behaviors, habits, and goals, understand your belief systems about yourself and others, where those belief systems are working for you, and where they are no longer serving you or others.   Through transformative tools, you can learn to bring those unconscious thought patterns into conscious reality and learn to see new perspectives of acceptance, forgiveness, and most importantly self-love.  Ultimately finding the divinity within YOU!  ​

Spiritual Guidance is my heart and soul, Through my own life journey, I have come to understand the pure essence of LOVE, and how through my Shamanic training, Reiki and application of traditional transpersonal humanistic psychotherapy, and Intuitive Guidance it is my life purpose to support others in their own growth and healing process.     

Together we will focus on the core issues that are holding you stuck or creating dis-ease.  I work in a holistic manner, looking at all aspects of the self, mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual.  Looking at the journey you have taken to get to this moment in time.  Weaving together the story of your life to understand connections, patterns, thoughts, and beliefs that are yours to embrace and those that have been given to you, that you may choose to let go in order to reach your highest potential.  Together we can discover physical/mental areas creating discomfort or blocks, that prevent you from living the best life your Authentic Self is craving.  Through working to understand the power of your Mind, Body, and higher conscious/spirit connection, I teach and empower you to discover your own self-empowered healing, transmutation, transformation, balance, self-love, and freedom from the restraints we place upon ourselves.


 I believe in working with each person individually and then as a whole unit.  Part of my work involves working with children.  They are our future and I believe that it is essential that we invest not only in the social-emotional development of our children but through that work we can learn to heal our own inner child and create social-emotional balance within ourselves.  The ultimate goal for all of us is to find self-love and the divinity that resides within each of us.  My work is holistic, meeting each child, adolescent, and adult through a humanistic approach, understood as a whole person, mind, body, and spirit.  Together we build a bridge between the conscious, unconscious, and spiritual realms and I work to support my clients in understanding how everything is connected and manifests between the mind, thoughts, behavior, body, and spirit. 

If you find yourself at that crossroads in your life right now, and looking for that depend need for new beginnings, new understandings, a change, then reading this is by no mistake and you are exactly where you are supposed to be! 

Sn exciting transformational life journey is about to take place and you are about to discover that you are the creator designer of your destiny!


I am looking forward to working with you.

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