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We are Awakening and in the process of Ascension... healing & releasing your 3rd density Physical, Mental and Emotional body to transform into BE-ing present in the NOW of 4th and 5th density of New Earth. Ascending from 3D consciousness to 5D consciousness. Our Souls chose to be here on this planet for this most extraordinary time in the planet's history. What you have been experiencing and continue to experience is the Waking Path of Ascension. You are healing and releasing lifetimes of old thought patterning and trauma that has kept you held in the 3D Matrix. That is all changing. Your Light Body Blue Print is waking up and it is a slow and steady process as we are becoming the Galactic Sovereign Free Hu-Man BE-ings as we were always intended.

5D is the pure essence of LOVE but in order to get there we are rapidly working through waves of energy, healing past wounds, releasing karmic contracts, surrendering and letting go of old programming thoughts and behaviors, stepping into our intended soul's missions here on Earth.


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Years ago, Spirit guided me to begin holding Awakenings group sessions for those highly sensitive people who were about to "wake up" to the shifts in consciousness taking place.  The loving groups that gathered endearingly called our evenings "Spiritual Therapy."  From those groups my practice has expanded exponentially.

This journey of Awakening, known as Ascension, has been impacting everyone so completely differently and intimately for each and every person, whether it be physically (with your health, personally with your finances, career), emotionally (with relationships, family or friends) or spiritually (either shifting and having kundalini/mystical experiences or the breaking down of steadfast beliefs and feeling lost and broken).   

In a safe and sacred space I work with my clients individually to take a look at the fabric of their life's journey so far and where it is going and together we weave the pieces in order to bring healing and transformation.  So whether it be a specific issue you are working to get through or a general on-going spiritual guidance,  our sessions quickly illuminate the web of your journey to shift you, your thought patterns and awareness into higher consciousness. I would be honored to shine the light for a way, as a transformational catalyst for your Awakening.



For best results 4 sessions min recommend

(package rate of 4 sessions available for $444 if paid in advance)