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Mind~Body~Spirit Coaching

Whether you are seeking to heal trauma, repair a broken relationship, are confronted by loss, seeking change, in need of an energetic "tune-up", or perhaps you just happened to arrive here; regardless of the circumstance, drawing upon the way you perceive the world and experiences you have encountered my goal is to connect you with your own belief systems, identify and remove barriers that are restricting you and connect you to your personal strengths and inner wisdom so that you gain a deeper understanding of your self, your purpose and true potential to continue a life filled with happiness, success and fulfillment.  

The techniques I use bridge the disciplines of humanistic psychology, Reiki, shamanic energy healing, meditation, pranic breath work, and quantum healing. In the process, you will not only address and develop a greater awareness of the Self but foster higher levels of intuitive perception and connect directly with your inner child to heal the core of your innermost self for transformative healing to take place. 

My work is holistic, meeting each child, adolescent, and adult through a humanistic approach, understood as a whole person, mind, body, and spirit.  Together we build a bridge between the conscious, unconscious, and spiritual realms and I work to support my clients in understanding how everything is connected and manifests between the mind, behavior, body, and spirit. 

An exciting transformational life journey is about to take place and you are about to discover.  YOU are the CREATOR and DESIGNER of your destiny!  

I am looking forward to working with you.


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