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Customer Reviews

This is Life Transformation!!!  There's no other way to put it.  I've always wanted to try Reiki but with everything else, you're hesitant.  There's a huge amount of trust and vulnerability that comes with this encounter.  it's so important to find the "right person"... your person.  And I am so glad that I found Dana!  (my person).  Without a doubt, I'm going to make these sessions a part of my healing transformation!  She is another light of her own.  She is warm, friendly, nurturing, angelic and without judgement at all.  The minute I walked into her room, I felt such a calm presence come over me.  And even at that, I'm not sure I can describe it in words.  It's more of a feeling.  Right away, I knew that I had fallen into a spiritual realm.  Dana is super supportive of your reasons, whether big or small, she made it soley "my experience."  She was 100% committed to me.  My experience was super-intense ... let yourself go in the moment and you will feel like 

Ileen S. (Nurse)

Dana is a lifesaver.  When I came to Dana I was feeling lost, unmotivated, all around depressed.  I never had Reiki done before so this was my first experience and I was desperate to lift myself out of the funk that I was in.  Immediately arriving to Dana’s Reiki studio I felt warm nurturing energy emanating from her.  Dana was ridiculously easy to talk to – I felt a kinship to her right away.  After an hour of talking about myself and what I was there for Dana commenced the Reiki healing session.  I laid flat on a comfortable massage table for about 45 mins with Dana guiding her hands gently over my body (not touching) and occasionally making very light physical contact.  During the Reiki healing you can feel the energy present in the room and it is very soothing paired with the meditation music.  After the Reiki session Dana and I sat there talking for another 10-15 mins – her providing feedback and giving suggestions on how to continue to benefit from the Reiki afterwards.

After our session, I felt exuberant – like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. The next day I woke up at 5am (and I typically sleep til 8am or later) and everyday after that I’ve woken up that early.  I have more energy and motivation to complete tasks that before seemed overwhelming.  I have more clarity and I am overall in a better mood.  I brought my fiancé to Dana for healing and guidance – he can’t say enough positive things about Dana s a human being and spiritual guide/healer.  He left feeling more grounded and with a stronger sense of self.

Since my first session in August, I’ve been about 4 more times and trust me Dana is more than what she advertises.  I have reaches out to Dana several times outside of our Reiki sessions and she’s so quick to respond with healing words of wisdom. She has flip flopped and rearranged her schedule to see me when I’ve needed it.  She has made herself accessible to her clients via text and email and responds often from both platforms.  With Dana you’re getting full service spiritual healing and guidance. It feels nice for us transplants to have a spiritual home away from home with Dana.  She is a true gift to her community – if you get the opportunity to work with her – DO IT!

Christina F. (Actress)

“I have been seeing Dana for a while now.  I will tell you that when I first started seeing her, I was in a very unhappy place – relationship problems, a very challenging living situation, and job fatigue.  I also had some physical manifestations as a result of these challenges. What I need to tell you is Dana is an angel.  Seriously. It is difficult to put into words how dramatically my attitude, life and overall outlook have transformed as a result of seeing Dana.  After my first appointment, I felt immediately lighter (both physically and mentally).   Started having more fun, laughing more and feeling more positive.  I settled into a new home, started exercising, setting boundaries at work, and feel like I am attracting everything I wanted.  Dana also recommended a few crystals that I carry with me at al times that seem to have also made an incredible difference. I have had Reiki before, and I promise you, she is the best Reiki person you will ever see.  The time with Dana is so much more that just a typical Reiki session. She is intuitive and picks up on so much – it is simply incredible.  I cannot recommend her enough.  I promise you that your life will change as a result of seeing this wonderful person.

Nicole Z. (Lawyer)

If you are looking for an intuitive healing, energy healing or spiritual guidance, I would highly recommend going to see Dana.  She is a compassionate, caring and loving person with a wealth of knowledge.


Grawben C. (Certified Hypnotherapist)

Dana has helped me so much. Seeing her is like getting therapy on steroids. She has helped me more than years of therapy. I came in with a lot of heath problems and am so much better. Dana is kind and caring and going to her has changed my life! I am forever great full.

 Stacey D.

I am so very grateful to have been referred to Dana! Her readings are spot on, and her reiki is incredibly healing. I gained perspective, emotional balance, and strength. I was amazed at how she helped relieve discomfort that I had been carrying in my throat and chest caused from stress. I felt that I could breath again 

I can't thank Dana enough for helping me move forward in a positive direction. I look forward to my future visits with her.

Wendy S.

I like to think of Dana as my magical Fairy Godmother. She came recommended by a colleague of mine last year, and I reached out to her during a time of high stress. I have never had a reiki session, nor was I very familiar with energies, the cosmos, and shifts of light. Between meeting with her one-on-one to attending a few of her classes directed toward empaths, I feel so much more in tune with myself. She has such a gentle spirit and always floods me with kindness, hope, and encouragement, in person and via text and phone calls. I have since recommended her to everyone I know, and I am always very excited to talk to my friends and family about how amazing she is and how important it is to allow yourself to fully feel your emotions. Dana is one of my favorite people and has a gift for healing. If you need a trusting ear and heart, she's your girl.

Janna L.

Dana is fantastic!  She's so cheerful, sweet, and easy to talk to.  I met her through her classes and felt inspired to do a reiki session with her.  She listened to me explain what was going on in my life when some health problems started and what had happened ever since then.  She gave me good advice for my health, my career, and my family relationships.  Her observations and intuition opened my eyes to a couple things I hadn't realized (or knew deep down, but hadn't put words to).  When I came to the session, I was dealing with a lot of inflammation in my body.  It's definitely calmed down since Dana ran reiki on me and I'm so grateful.  I'm going to see her again to continue making progress and can't wait :)

Meagan M.

Dana is amazing. I was a bit skeptical at first, but Dana was recommended through a family member because of tough situation I was going through. Not only was Dana professional about her reading, it was on point. Dana told me things only I knew and used very comforting words to help me through this time. I highly recommend Dana for all occasions or situations. Her reading were not only mind opening but very therapeutic. I wish I could give 5 starts more. I know a few people who have done readings with Dana and all think the same as I do6. I will be talking to Dana again when I get the chance.

Nate L.

Dana is the true definition of a healer. She really takes the time to listen to you, and she listens with intent. I was going through an insanely rough period in my life, and I had just about reached my breaking point. I texted Dana at night and asked if she had time to see me for an emergency session. She was able to schedule a session with me for the next day. Thank the heavens because I had one of the most incredible Reiki sessions with her, and she definitely didn't lead me astray. At first, I doubted her advice because it's not what I wanted to hear. I had a completely different picture of what I wanted to do in my head; however, I'm happy I listened because her advice is what actually lead me to where I am now. Her advice was an imperative turning point in my life, and I'll forever be thankful for that. Thank you so much, Dana! You're like the gift that keeps on giving. I appreciate you and your work more than you'll ever know.

Natasha Y.

Dana is a calm and gentle, inspiring leader for her students. I have taken her Angel and spirit guides workshop and completely enjoyed myself. She is an intuitive teacher and offers insightful feedback and heartfelt explanation of things relating to spirit/energy/chakras/alignment.

Megan O.

Dana has helped me so much. Seeing her is like getting therapy on steroids. She has helped me more than years of therapy. I came in with a lot of heath problems and am so much better. Dana is kind and caring and going to her has changed my life! I am forever great full.


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