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Assorted Crystals

Trans Crystal Chakra Healing

TransCrystal Therapy is an alternate form of vibrational medicine that involves the laying on of crystals to facilitate a multi-dimensional bioenergetic healing experience in the body.  Physical, emotional, and spiritual balancing is made possible through the laying crystals on your body.  The bioelectric properties of the crystals synchronize with your natural body's bioelectric energetic wave patterning as they communicate through your chakra system to achieve the optimal physical, spiritual, and emotional healing of your entire physical body, organs and etheric body.  


During a session, much like a Reiki session, the client is comfortably reclined on a massage table and a process of aura clearing, chelation and the laying on of specific crystals in a grid over the chakras takes place.  Each crystal has its own vibration, which when connected with our physical being can bring healing to our body, recalibrate our chakras and rejuvenate our spirit.  Combining the crystals’ bio-electric properties with Universal Light energy opens and clears the heart, and reconnects our conscious mind and unconscious soul purpose. 

In our session, we will discuss your intention for healing or shifting that you would like to see take place.  You will then lie comfortably on a bed while I clear your auric field, balance your energetic body, and place crystals according to guidance.  While the crystals go to work on a deep cellular level, your body and mind will have the opportunity to relax at a deep level while listening to gentle high-frequency sound music while I run reiki on you.  

Just one session can alleviate physical discomfort and pain and integrate the body with mind, spirit, and emotional self. When needed the technique of alpha dialog is added to be able to find the core or source of any related problem to remove all remaining cellular memory embedded in the aura.

Trans crystal chakra healings are one of my favorites for overall mind, body, and spirit healing on a multidimensional level.

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