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Certificate Level Class

PERSONAL INVESTMENT: $222 (plus $22 for workbook)


Everything is energy! The ability to create self-healing is inside you, lying dormant, waiting to be reactivated and relearned.

Remember your path... Remember your calling...



During the Reiki Level II class, students deepen their spiritual development and continue their own healing journey.  In addition, students will be given two new symbols that open reiki energy channels more deeply and learn the skills that will enable them to practice reiki on others.   The focus of Reiki Level II is to:

  • Increase your Reiki power and further develop your intuition skills

  • Learn how to give Reiki to another person or pet

  • Learn how to send Reiki to family, friends, and loved ones no matter where they are in the world

  • Learn about your energetic body; chakras, aura, and energy fields

  • Receive Holy Fire® III meditations and placement of second-level Reiki symbols

  • Discover the basics of creating a successful Reiki practice

  • And as always how to work with Reiki as it shows up for you in your own personal life journey.


Please text (310) 993-8121 to reserve your spot.

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