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And you thought you couldn’t go any deeper... Shine any brighter!

Greetings beloved Souls of Light, There has been so much to put down on paper and each time I go to, the waves of in-coming light energy that I want to talk about shifts and hence so does and how it's affecting, shifting, changing, transmuting and transforming your mind, body and spirit. Through the Sun's Stargate these waves are becoming more and more rapid, at times feeling like an energy wave pulse and some of you may be feeling them within/without your energetic body. With each of these waves brings emotions to the surface of the emotional, physical, spiritual body to be purged/released/let go. All of it is in continued order from the great work of the Dark Night of the Soul that we have been going through individually and as a collective in 2018 and prior. So let's talk about today, the present, because it is a present. With the great Heart Activation that took place a couple weeks ago, and in coming into the end of a karmic clearing cycle, we are experiencing and witnessing quite a purging of the emotional body, especially with releasing sadness, grief, lack, fear, self worth and thing that you have been holding onto on a cellular level in your heart chakra and lower emotional bodies. Many have been experiencing flu like/stomach flu like symptoms as this emotional purging takes place on a physical level. Also being affected by this heart chakra activation is the thymus gland and endocrine system in general, your whole body regulation system, asking us to let go of what we cannot control and what no longer serves us anymore - cycles of pain and suffering, old programming thoughts and behaviors keeping us grounded into 3rd density consciousness - to allow yourself to be present in the now and in the heart space. Ascension symptoms continue Headaches, pulsing/twitching around the eyes, watery ear wax, itchy skin, breakouts in skin, sinus troubles, stomach issues, weight gain, weight loss, anxiety, intense dreams, tingling in the feet hand chakras, sudden body temperature changes, etc... At this point many of you may be seeing the karmic life patterns more clearly. I know in many of my sessions I am guided to reflect to people the patterns that are becoming louder in order to recognize and heal/release/no longer do the dance. I started feeling the 12-21-18 opening a couple days ago, the energy was delicious, very light, floaty, almost as if everything that had gone before was healed in the heart and all that mattered was the present moment in time and the relationships with the people around me for that moment. I was very grounded in Mama Gaia yet everything around me looked and felt slightly different. Lighter. Flowing. The next day as the energy intensified, I held several energy sessions that day but by the next day I was hit with intense exhaustion as the light codes came in with abundance and knocked me off my feet. I shut down and slept for most of the day. What came to me thought this is that when this energy wave peak hits this time several people may feel this "light 5the density" feeling and it may come across as anxiety. We are not used to feeling our light bodies and so as the emotional purging takes place and we are integrating the higher frequencies of the Light Body there are greater sensations of anxiety taking place. As these "Rainbow Bridge" energies to our Light Body begin integrating here are some suggestions as to how to incorporate and adjust: - No alcohol or drugs to disconnect you from the integration process. You may want to escape the uncomfortableness of what I call "system upgrades" but they only take you further out of your process and keep you in 3D. - Meditation. If you need to listen to guided meditation find one that incorporates bringing light into your body. If you can't make it to any of my classes - I'm always adding a mediation, I love Steve Nobel Transmission meditations on You Tube - check him out. - Listen to Binaural Beats music to balance and help uplight your body into the higher frequencies. I like listening to the Angelic tones 432Hz, 528Hz or 963Hz - Eat a clean diet. As much organic and raw foods as possible to raise the frequency of your body and drink plenty of water. -Epsom salt baths. Add rose quartz, baking soda and and few drops of your favorite essential oils and you'll never want to leave - Breathe, Smile, be in Gratitude and Love. These raise your frequency quicker than you are aware. As 2019 draws in, we are in a process of integrating our higher selves, our over souls, into our mental/physical bodies. Stepping into our Authentic Selves. In order to do so the the emotional purging and karmic/ego healing will continue allowing for the body to absorb higher frequencies of light as we move into 5th Density, out of duality. I have been talking about this for sometime now. If something does not resonate from within/without your heart, it doesn't feel right, listen to your intuition. We are moving into that heart space, higher intuitive frequency and learning how to be guided as such. Enjoy this wonderful new experience. And on a final note for today (if every there is a final note 'cause my guides are so chatty!), this 12-21 portal is a huge manifesting portal - so be extra mindful of your words, your thoughts and perhaps even do a manifesting meditation or ceremony. Sending you lots of Compassion, Love and Light in your continued Awakening process. You were born with all the knowledge of all your lifetimes... you are waking up, remembering, ascending. Supporting you on your path. Namaste Dana For personal readings or Light Body healing sessions please contact me directly #simplydelightfulreiki

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