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It’s time to WAKE UP.

We are all ONE.

Only Egos, Beliefs & Fears Separate

Change YOURSELF to Change the WORLD

A Meetup for Highly Sensitives, Empaths, Lightworkers, Starseeds and YOU ~ WE ARE EVOLVING!
I was guided to lead an Awakenings group several years ago now... not fully grasping the space I was
creating and for what was about to take place pre-COVID. This awakening is now accelerating as are
invited to step into a higher state of consciousness, of stepping from your 3rd-dimensional reality to 5th,
understanding how to break free from this matrix of fear, pain, and suffering, and understanding we
become a co-creator of your own reality.... in unity with Gaia Sophia as God Sovereign free. This is the
breaking down of the ego. the breaking down of the self to see the authentic self-revealed, of self-
acceptance, of self-love, self-worth, of really owning you... It has been lifetimes that we have been here,
a slow and steady breakdown of self-inquiry that has brought you to this place of self and planetary
This meet-up is a sacred gathering and space supporting Starseeds, lightworkers, and highly sensitive
people who are rapidly waking up in their spiritual ascension and looking for a community to share and
connect. Join us for this monthly meeting of meditation, Angelic & Galactic communication, Light energy
transmission, and discussion. discover what awakenings is about, individually and collectively... We are in
this together. As the co-creators, we once were and are becoming once again.... I am here to support
you in your journey of self-love and self-discovery.

Meetings to come again soon!

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