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Shamanic Reiki  ~  Trans Crystal Chakra Therapy  ~  Mind Body Spirit Coaching

Dana Maginnis Reiki Master Spiritual Guidance




My unique approach uses a blend of transpersonal psychology, shamanic reiki, and holistic wellness coaching. Connecting with your physical, emotional, and spiritual energy body to activate and facilitate healing and emotional well-being among her clients. She goes directly to the root cause, shifts old energy, and facilitates your discovery of the healing power of self-love, allowing for transformative change to take place.

Discover how unique you truly are! There are unlimited potentials every day for growth and transformation. Open to the awareness that you are the creator of your reality. Create self-healing, overcome limiting thoughts and beliefs, heal relationships, foster forgiveness, and manifest the life you desire.  You are going to Love You!

Rock Maze

Shamanic Reiki

Reiki is a complementary therapy that involves encouraging a healthy flow of energy in the body to lower stress and promote healing.  Reiki can improve mood and emotional well-being.  Reiki can also reduce stress and increase relaxation. Promote better sleep, and improve insomnia symptoms


For people undergoing surgery or with cancer, lower blood pressure, anxiety, and pain rates.  So why not try a session today!

Mind Body Spirit Coaching

I bring to you a unique transpersonal mind~body~spirit coaching technique where together we reflect on your perspective, thoughts, behaviors, habits, and goals, understanding your belief systems, how they were formed, where they are working for you, and where they no longer serve you in life.   Through our talk sessions learn transformative tools where you take your power back by bringing unconscious thought patterns into conscious reality, gain new perspectives, and embrace the meaning of acceptance, forgiveness, healthy boundaries, and most importantly self-love.  

Trans Crystal Chakra Therapy

TransCrystal Therapy is an alternate form of vibrational medicine that involves the laying on of crystals to facilitate a multi-dimensional bioenergetic healing experience in the body.  Physical, emotional, and spiritual balancing is made possible through the laying on of crystals on your body.  The bioelectric properties of the crystals synchronize with your natural body's bioelectric energetic wave patterning as they communicate through your chakra system to achieve the optimal physical, spiritual, and emotional healing of your entire physical body, organs and etheric body.  

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