I AM an Alchemist of the Mind, Body and Spirit! A Spiritual Advisor who weaves between the cosmic grid of the Flower of Life, connecting with ancestors of yesterday, your spiritual guides and you - planting finding Seeds of inspiration and Illuminating what no longer serves you.  I tell the stories of who you are today, who you have always been and illuminate the path your soul created you to BE. I AM Spirit in Human form, co-creating in non-resistant flow channeling vital life force energy and angelic light code transmissions that awaken you on your personal and spiritual path, transmuting and transforming what no longer serves you as you wake up to your multi-dimensional authentic self and discover your soul's purpose.  A journey of great healing and growth while achieving balance, strength, peace and harmony...  And Love.

Are YOU ready to AWAKEN to  your WAKING PATH? NOW is the time for YOU to awaken into the presence of your Authentic Self.   Step onto the path and BE the LIGHT you came here to BE. 


Through mind and body connection work discover where limiting unconscious thought patterns and beliefs about oneself and others are holding you back.  Together we journey to bring those thoughts into your conscious awareness and to learn how to transform those belief systems to heal and empower your life.   


It is my honor to assist you in your greatest possible healing and transformation potential.  Discover your greatest life path potential and embrace the best and most beautiful life your soul intended you to live.

WELCOME...  & GET READY to step into a whole NEW PARADIGM... 

                      YOU are going to LOVE YOU!